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Software Delivery Club Newsletter 2023-02-24

Published over 1 year ago • 2 min read

"Nobody started programming because they wanted to be an Engineering Manager."

I found this the funniest (and most tragic) line I read this week goes to ​Marijo Glavaš on LinkedIn.

Why do I think this is tragic? Well, it's because I've been there - I've been at that point where you're neither a coder or an actual "doer" - just a talker, counter of beans and organiser of meetings. I've been a facilitator of egos - occasionally a sounding board but more often than not a pain in the ass.

Engineering Managers do get paid a lot - sure - but they have to deal with a lot too. It's not an easy option and it's not for everyone. I know those who have tried and gone back to an Individual Contributor role. I know very few personally who have made a career out of it - because if you are one, you need to be an ambassador for the company you for work. You have to truly believe in the product and that you can build it together, better.

So this week's thought is this - do you love where you work? Do you love the mission?

This week I launched a couple of parts of my mission. Firstly I'm now available as a Fractional CTO. What's that? Put simply it's an engineering boss who does everything for your company without the overhead of a fulltime employee. So whether you need guidance on architecture, technology choice, engineering practice, hiring and growing your capacity, running operations, improving speed and agility of delivery - a fractional CTO does all that and more for you. No long term commitment, just answers and solutions when you need them on tap.

Secondly I've put together the first draft of my new course Modern Software Delivery. This is a 3-day part-time (4 hours per day) online course for tech industry leaders and walks through the challenges and opportunities available to us in software delivery. From understanding what modern software architecture is, how cloud and containers are challenging the nature of delivery, to shaping our ambitions for our legacy systems and making sure that we can engineer effectively for emergent architecture, measure our customer's success more effectively and deliver more business value, faster.

If you're interested in hearing more then just reply to this email - I read every one!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of the articles I put together this week.

- Richard

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Human DevOps

by Richard Bown

DevOps at is the heart of modern software systems. In my regular newsletter, I dive into the human factors that make successful engineering organizations where teams and platforms thrive at the heart of your socio-technical systems. From leadership to team setup, maximizing performance, tools and techniques.

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