Software Delivery Club Newsletter 2023-01-27

published4 months ago
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We're almost at the end of January - deep breath.

Another busy week as I prepare for an upcoming talk all about Rosegarden: A Slumbering Giant at FOSDEM '23 in Brussels in just over a week's time. In the talk I'll be exploring the motivations that a couple of young coders had for starting a project that is somehow going over 20 years later - despite neither of them now being involved in the development of it at all. Should be fun - if you're in the area then it's free to go to FOSDEM - I believe no registration is required either. Come and say hi!

Alongside that I released a new episode of the Lovin' Legacy podcast. I talked to Jacob Lafors about his Verifa's approach to implementing Continuous Delivery, the use of Value Stream Mapping and what it means to build a developer platform. A really nice chat with Jacob and I think we'll need to do it again at some point in the future as we covered a lot!

I've also been working on the Legacy Workshop - I'll be doing a trial run in a couple of weeks and will aim to run it as a webinar after that. Want to stay informed? You can subscribe to the list here:

In preparation for this workshop, I've been writing React and Java all week - it also gives me the excuse to do it really badly as that's kind of the point.

Hope you enjoy the content below, and as always, drop me a line to let me know how you're getting on.

Have a great weekend,


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