Friday 31st March - The Business Perspective of IT

published2 months ago
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​How would you going about describing the work you do to someone else?

Would you say for example:

“I'm building a microservices platform in Kubernetes”

Or would you say:

“I'm working on a system which allows customers to track their orders through our systems”?

Which is more important to you? And how do you find and keep that touchstone in everything you do?

This is at the heart of a book I’m reading called The Value Flywheel Effect by David Anderson. What is does is break down - from an CEO, Engineer, Product Manager and CTO perspective - what is needed in order to deliver a successful modern technology solution internally as well as externally.

If you’re interested in finding out how Wardley Mapping, Sociotechnical systems and event-driven design both for teams and architectures (as discussed in Team Topologies), then you should listen to the David Anderson Interview about “The Value Flywheel Effect” in the Tech Lead Newsletter:

Regarding code as a liability: check out the latest episode of Lovin’ Legacy with Jonathan Hall I recorded where we talk about scaling DevOps, his love of the language Go as well as doing Continuous Delivery in reverse. We also talk about how you should go about building systems that actually meet up well with customer expectations.

AI and Large Language Models continue to cause debate and excitement. Elon Musk and Steve Wozniac among 1000s of others this week called for a six-month moratorium on next generation AI tool creation in order to prevent "profound risks to society and humanity". If we can ignore the noise (like we must with so much in the modern world of tech) and concentrate on the message then perhaps we can still find a use for it peacefully. So much of the AI discussion is tied in with aggressive rhetoric or business positioning. Why not make up your own mind? Here's the open letter that everyone is talking about.

Always ask yourself, what is the technology doing to improve my business?

Have a great weekend

-- Richard

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