Friday 14th April - Back in the Real World

published8 months ago
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Whether you are a start-up or a long-established business, it’s easy to get distracted by technology hype. I’ve found a good technique is to dream beyond the hype - don’t let the hype define your dreams for you.

Yesterday the JUICE mission was supposed to launch to Jupiter to search for signs of life in the oceans of moons of Jupiter - they will try again this afternoon. I attended a talk by Professor Brian Cox a few weeks ago where he mentioned this mission and painted a picture where by looking back in time to the universe, and looking around us at our nearest neighbours, we make some sense of our own purposes.

We might think that we have some challenges when it comes to deploying software and IT solutions - but this is nothing in comparison to an 8 year, EUR1.6 billion mission.

Are you worried that Kubernetes is too much for your organisation to handle? Have you thought about serverless?

Perhaps you want to use services like AWS Lambda or Azure functions but you're worried about the development experience? Here are a few serverless workflows including SST which is supported by an ex-k8s consultant. Perhaps the mood is changing?

And here's a nice snippet of a discussion about moving from k8s to serverless from someone who has been there:

Thanks to Paul Swail for the link!

This week I've been wrapping up a review of some important books in the digital transformation space - check out the latest Lovin' Legacy episode below and the linked article featuring a navigable map of the books below that. Whether you're curious about how to improve software delivery flow or whether you want to understand why software delivery is so complicated and expensive - this is a list of important books which can help you take control of your processes.

Have a great weekend and until next week.

-- Richard

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